Amaia Steps Pasig - Towers


A place for you at the heart of the Metro. A project specifically developed for you by Amaia Land Corporation is rising at the heart of Metro Manila. Introducing Amaia Steps Pasig.

Amaia Land Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ayala Land Incorporated and is the answer to a growing demand for more modern and better quality homes for those in the economic housing sector.  This rising dominant community developer builds innovative homes and condominiums right where you want and need to be. They are committed to building affordable yet stylish residences for all, especially for as many Filipinos as possible—from the young, tech-savvy millennials who are just beginning to create a niche in society, the hardworking but hardly-appreciated middle class employees who have tirelessly been the backbone and workforce of the country for decades, and to the Overseas Filipino Workers who live afar but leave behind a burning desire to build a future for their families in their homeland.

With over 30 housing projects nationwide, there’s sure to be a place for you at Amaia.

If you want to live in Pasig City or need to be anywhere near in its environs, your new home can be in one of these three elegantly designed and spacious-looking midrise condominiums towering above lush greenery on a 4-hectare property called Amaia Steps Pasig.

This project consists of three nine-story-high towers wrapped in enticing hues of crisp green, rustic orange and clear white. Beneath the shadows of these contemporary architectural works of art are amenities aimed to provide the resident with utmost comfort, convenience, and pleasure. These include: a clubhouse, swimming pool, jogging path, playground, a retail area and courtyard, plenty of parking spaces, beautiful gardens, and landscaped areas.

Each of the nine-story-high condominiums has eight levels exclusively dedicated to housing. The first two buildings, the Aria and Blanca, both have Studio, Deluxe, and Premier units. The third and last building on this first phase of development is the Esperanza. The Esperanza has Elite and Grand units.

The details of the units are as follows:

  • Studio units range from 23 to 26 sqm in floor space and cost around P1.5M to P1.7M, depending on the size of the unit.
  • Deluxe units range from 31 to 33 sqm in floor space and cost around P2M to P2.2M.
  • Premier units, which are the largest of the three in floor space, have a floor area between 39 and 42 sqm and cost P2.7M to P2.8M.
  • Elite and Grand units range from 40 to 49 sqm in floor space and cost around P2.7M to P3.5M, depending on the size of the unit and features therein.

Each of the units on these three buildings is equipped with the following features:

  • sprinkler systems
  • cable and telephone access points
  • provisions for washers and dryers
  • kitchen sinks and cabinets
  • complete toilet and bath fixtures
  • other standard items such as windows and doors
  • vinyl planks for the main floor
  • ceramic tiles for the bathroom’s floors and wet wall areas. 
  • ceilings and walls are painted and constructed from concrete except the bathroom ceiling which has gypsum board


Additional features that are not included as standard items in most units but can be availed of for a price are units with more rooms, divisions and balconies.

The common hallways are all laid with vinyl tiles because they are practical, lightweight, beautiful and safe. Ceramic and other stone tiles can be heavy and may collect moss which can be slippery when exposed to rain or standing water for long periods of time. Incidentally, vinyl is also cheaper, so this will likewise translate to more affordable units for potential buyers.

At the ground floor of the towers are retail shops and parking spaces for cars interspersed with gardens and landscaped areas. This innovative design provides all-out convenience for residents since they no longer need to go farther than the ground floor to buy certain necessities or goods. This also opens an opportunity for others to grow a business in the retail, service or food industry. Truly, this is a testament to functionality and not just beauty. 

Moving beyond the shadows of this edifice is a clubhouse where you can share all your special events and hold big gatherings with your family and friends—and all within the confines of your own home. You can also maintain your body’s physical fitness by doing laps in the swimming pool or run along the jogging path too. Moreover, you could play with your kids at the children’s playground or just simply watch them have a good time.

The journey to a thousand delightful moments begins with a single step toward Amaia Steps Pasig.

Whatever you decide to do at Amaia Steps Pasig, you can be sure that you and your loved ones will truly experience a delightful combination of enjoyable and affordable living in one of the country’s best locations for many years to come.